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Stodacom Investigators

Stodacom Private Investigators offer a confidential consultancy to define the problem and develop the solution strategy, to many problems that affect you.


Tracing Missing Persons

Our detectives find old friends, parents, relatives and debtors.  Using experience gained from years operating at top government level we find your subject in all six world continents but with head offices in Africa that is Kampala Uganda or further afield. Our private investigators speak German, French and some Russian, a facility which greatly helps in investigating directly in foreign countries without using foreign intermediaries.


Insurance Fraud

An employee or visitor claims to have been injured on the premises of your company. They press for litigation and significant sums of money arise. Surveillance provides objective evidence to prove or disprove the disability. The fact that it is a highly visible and obvious form of evidence means that it can puncture a prosecution case at a stroke.

Personal & Matrimonial Investigations

You may suspect that your partner is not being faithful to you. Private Investigators UK deliver the photo and video evidence in a way which cannot be denied.

Corporate Surveillance

If an employee is suspected of being less than honest, covert observation provides the objective proof management needs to make decisions.

Background Checks

Examining a person's past and present to reveal their real identity and personal history.

Corporate Investigations

Probing company and directors' past and recent history - providing you with the up to date intelligence you need.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Enquiries to check the bona fides of suspect fraudulent claimants. Surveillance is used to provide full details of the subjects private activities while he is on sick leave corroborated with photo and/or video evidence. In collaboration with management measures are implemented to determine the culprits, their methods, associates and range of identified and unidentified fraudulent activities.

Due Diligence

Checking the credentials, and records, of companies and individuals in the Africa and on an international basis. In considering commerce and due diligence checks with unknown foreign corporations, it is wise to have independent investigators' checks to ensure that they are who they say they are, can do what they say they can do, and do not have any unfortunate affiliations which you may not approve of. 

This service checks the background, examines the facts, translates them for you and can carry out interviews of primary interlocutors in private and corporate cases.

Background Checks, Records Checks, Pre-Employment Screening and Validation of Credentials

In considering the employment of an individual or a person you wish to do business with, you will be interested in checking his stated personal background. These checks provide an invaluable objective validation of residence, studies, qualifications, friends, enemies, business activities and court judgments.

Corporate Due Diligence and Business Intelligence

To probe prospective interlocutors and companies. Credit ratings, company reports, company directors, market research information and finance industry reports are available.

Pre-Employment Interviews

It is one thing to check the facts, but what of the person? We offer to interview subjects to give you a personal insight into who you are dealing with. This service is based on 28 years experience of interviewing a wide variety of people from around the world and is based on a network of reliable, trained contacts in situ.


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We are located in Uganda Kampala Eastern Part of Africa

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